Cull Lane Patio & Pruning

Returning to a customer who we laid a lawn for we were asked to create a cost-effective patio to cover up an old block paved area that had become uneven and unsuitable for a table and chairs.

Here we used wooden sleepers which is cheaper then using brick walling to make a raised outer edge. The old patio was used as a subbase and reduced cost in removing waste. The pavers selected was a golden fossil Indian sandstone paver pack, which is a particularly good paver to lay, thin enough to make handling easy and saves you back lugging around super heavy paving slabs. Also, texture and natural looking with their own characteristics and shades that differentiate between them.

While we were there, I was asked to do one of my favourite jobs which is layering Acer Palmatum to make them look less shrub like and more like the traditional Japanese tree. How to create this look is to take out selected branches to make clear spaces between sections of the tree. Cutting close to the branch as possible to stop disease. Looking at the underside of the branch cut away some of the smaller sections in desired areas to thin out allow light through and lift these branches. I like to see intervals of clear trunk on the Acer as this gives the impression that the tree is older and more mature giving you more of that bonsai look within the garden setting..

Are you interested in getting something like the above?

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