We do not visit too many gardens where people attempt to grow exotic plants or frost tender planting. This is one of the exceptions, we have been visiting this house since the business established in 2015 and every year end of April, we start to bring out the broad-leaved Agapanthus, Colocasias, and the Strelitzia. All of them throughout the British growing season we keep moist and well-watered. Especially the Colocasia which we almost keep submerged in water.

By September, all the trays underneath is taken out and we start to allow them to dry out. The Colocasia we can keep in dark storage and bring out again once the last frost has passed/ the others we keep in light storage such as a greenhouse with some heat provided and the occasional winter water.

Exotics can always give a tropical feel to the garden especially when people have decided to stay home this year and not go abroad, they can aid in having a home away from home in the garden. Although the extra work and needing space to store them they are well worth the effort!

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