Garden Design, Adlams Lane Sway

Here we were commissioned to create a garden that painted a picture using plants with little hard landscaping. Most the budget went on the planting with a small pond created and a few shingle paths to add movement around the garden.

The garden itself has a fantastic borrowed view of the landscape around. The main selling point of this house is the low fence along the back of the property that makes you believe that the open new forest behind is all your land. With the horses wondering about in the distance. To create this garden we used the same Betula pendula trees that you can see in the distance and bring them into the garden helping you believe this pocket of colour was meant to be there the whole time.

The planting tiers down in the borders. Larger shrubs in the back moving down to purple and silver herbaceous planting towards the front of the border. Plants such as salvia, leucanthemum, lavender, heuchera, astilbe, and to add texture and different foliage Alchemilla mollis. Pennestemon add height behind these with smaller shrubs such as Spirea. With Covid-19 virus and lockdown eased creating this was difficult with purchasing materials becoming quite difficult. Rockery stones became quite limited so after an hour drive to pick up rocks in the back of the truck we did not quite have enough to create a substantial rockery. To try to create the look we stuck to the same Scottish pebbles throughout this feature in different sizes from 40mm down to 10mm using rockery Geraniums, Erigions, and Sedums.

The central bed is to become a feature bed. Cotinus ‘royal purple’ is to be used as a feature plant allowing it to grow and constantly crown lifted to create an oddly shaped purple tree in the centre of the garden. Using the existing Lychnis coronaira to add striking colour of silver with the rose purple flowers.

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