Highcliffe Rockery

Here we were commissioned to continue an existing rockery and fill in the pond. With the main seating area of the garden situated next to the pond, we wanted to provide striking colour throughout the growing season and packing it out densely so weeds and other nasties cannot mix in.

The pond had been half filled by the time we had arrived. It had to be topped up with a few extra tons of topsoil to get height required to match the existing rockery. For the types of plants, we would be planting we didn’t need to nutritious topsoil or the plants would go mad and put on leggy growth. It is important to remember where the plants naturally grow in the wild and try to replicate those growing conditions or at least make them as comfortable as possible. In between the rocks small varieties of rockery sedums were used and Erigon karvinskianus will work its way through the cracks self-seeding with its long flowering season.

To create structure, you have the hard materials which are the rocks and the dwarf conifers and dwarf hebes. I particularly like dwarf hebes rather than Azeleas because it is easier to keep them smaller and more compact. Though using them both would create flowering at different times of the year.

There is a wash of colour and height in this feature almost a cottage garden style but in a rockery! Penstemon that adds height. Geranium, leucanthemum, asters, geranium and dianthus all add different colours. The colour scheme throughout the feature the client replicated in pots around the patio with the striking begonias and Pelagoniums

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