Mount Avenue Display

The lawn here was never thriving, it lacked light under balconies from the flats above and the eucalyptus tree that is in the corner of the property. The client had a clear idea what he wanted; he wanted a marshalls buff mixed size patio pack which he saw on travis perkins website to enlarge the corner of the patio. It doesn’t match the original patio in texture, but you hardly notice when on site. Now in the corner there Is a little arbour to catch the last bit of sun in the day during the summer. A n ideal spot for a bit of reading or an evening drink.

The planting is all low maintenance, drought resistant and salt tolerant as it is close to the seaside. Here we have phormiums, stipua, Ophiopogon, yucca, lavenders, euphorbia, euronomus. Small rocks were added in little clumps just to break up gaps and add an extra material and texture to the display. The dark eleagus hedge behind really adds to the variegation of the phormiums and helps everything stand out.

Are you interested in getting something like the above?

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