September Fencing Projects

Farr gardens provides competitive rates on fences. We can help supply and create the boundaries that you need that comply to British standards. We always use treated timber for the longevity of your fence, with the timber suppliers usually providing a guarantee their product will last 10 years plus! in the following images we supplier and created 3 fences in a space of a week!

The first was being a project where we removed the old shrubbery and trees. Removed the roots as best as possible as the access to the garden meant we were unable to use a stump grinder. We erected a new close board fence in place of this and now the new beds will be planted up by the plant enthusiastic clientele. We also created additional raised vegetable beds and hard standing shingle seating areas.

The second fence is for a garden I assisted in designing. 70 metres of close board fencing down each side of the property while the back will be bay laurel hedging. Once groundworkers have levelled the property will we be returning to this site to turf and plant up.

The third fence is a 4 ft fence to match the neighbours front garden. Removing the picket fence which the client felt left her too exposed to a solid fence. The planting should not be affected as the other side of the fence is south facing so even with less light the roses will still be fine!

Are you interested in getting something like the above?

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